A Sneak Peek of our New Look!

Today we're really excited to share some fun news with you!  

We're undergoing a bit of a makeover and getting a facelift around here.  

What started as a simple quest for a new logo has turned into a full exploration of our "brand flavor", who our ideal clients are, and how that can be represented visually.  This has been an interesting process for me because in a lot of ways, going through this branding experience has been like planning and designing an event...except a lot more permanent.  There has been A LOT more self-exploration involved in this process than I ever thought there would be.  A lot of the same emotions that come up when planning an event have surfaced throughout the branding process -- excitement, joy, indecision, etc.   And just like when I plan an event, every choice and decision regarding the new branding has been made deliberately and thoughtfully.  

So, without further ado, I am revealing the mood board for the new LIG Events look.  Elk Street Design presented us with three different color palettes for our new brand and we fell head over heels with this one.  It's timeless, commanding, beautiful, and unexpected.  Basically, everything we said we wanted.  We hope you like it as much as we do!

LIG Branding Mood Board

Stay tuned for the big brand reveal in August!