Avoid Getting Overwhelmed When You Just Get Engaged

Getting engaged is a very happy time, but it's also a very busy time.  
Around this time of year I get lots of phone calls and emails from harried brides-to-be who just got engaged and are already overwhelmed with the details of planning a wedding. They are getting tons of questions from family and friends and don't know how to answer them, are already not seeing eye-to-eye with their fiance on some details, and are wondering how they're going to find time to plan their celebration. 

Below are 4 easy steps that will help you avoid that feeling of overwhelm as you start to navigate the wedding planning waters.

1 - Start with the basics.

Even if you've thought about your wedding before receiving a ring, it's easy to get lost in all of the decisions that suddenly have to be made. But don't start drowning in all of the decisions that need to be made. Start with the basics: who, what, where. 

Decide who you'd like to invite -- I don't mean you need to write out a detailed guest list on day 2 of your engagement (we're trying to avoid overwhelm here, not cause it!). I mean that you should start thinking about how many people you'd like to share this moment with.
Maybe you're the type of person that has a large group of friends and you're very close with your co-workers. If you'd like to invite everyone, then I'm guessing you're going to have a large wedding. Perhaps you're a very private person that comes from a small family -- my guess is you'll want to have a smaller, more intimate celebration.
Talk to your fiance and decide what number feels right to both of you. That number will serve as a great starting point for your planning process. 

Decide what kind of wedding you'd like to have -- Would you like to a have a big formal, black-tie affair? A casual wedding in the country? Would you rather elope?

Decide on a general location -- Would you like to have a destination wedding? Would you like to have a wedding close to home so that grandparents don't have to travel far? 

Deciding on these basic questions will give you a solid framework to start your planning and also provide you with answers to the pesky questions that everyone always asks.  Which leads me to step 2...

2 - Have go-to answers for the FAQs.

Family and friends will inevitably ask you all sorts of questions regarding the wedding when you share your good news with them. Be prepared. It's much easier to navigate these questions (especially the touchy ones) if you have "stock" answers ready to go. And if you've already gone through step 1 above, then these answers should be very easy.
Keep your answers simple and vague. 

For example, when a co-worker asks "When is the wedding?" you can say, "Oh, we think we're going to do it next Spring but right now we're just focusing on enjoying our engagement."

3 - Consider hiring a wedding planner.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work and it does take a lot of effort. If you're easily overwhelmed by details and would rather not add to your current workload, consider hiring a wedding planner. Avoiding overwhelm is just one of the reasons a wedding planner really comes in handy!

4 - Remember what the day is about.

When your brain is firing off questions a million miles a minute and you're feeling like you have so much to do for your wedding, try to focus on remembering what the day is about. At the end of the day, you will get married. So don't get overwhelmed by all of the details and focus on what's really important -- you and your fiance.

Did you just get engaged? Congratulations! Please feel free to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with us to discuss any of your wedding plans!