[INSPIRATION] Summer Dinner Party Decor

Summer is officially here (well, it's official next week technically), and what better way to celebrate the new season than with a dinner party?

I love hosting dinner parties at my home. I find it so heartwarming and fun to have family and friends over for a good meal (and I really enjoy the prep work that goes into creating a beautiful setting). I will usually find any excuse to have people over and host a small party -- they are just so fun! 

One of the misconceptions about dinner parties or small gatherings is that they're not as much work as a full-on event like a bar mitzvah or wedding. I like to disagree on that point because the components of all parties are the same -- the decor, food, music, dessert -- it's just the scale on which you execute those components that differs. 

So in honor of our new season, this week and next I'll be sharing Summer dinner party inspiration -- everything from the decor to the menu to the entertainment. I hope you find it useful if you're planning a Summer soiree of your own. And if you want to have a party but need someone to plan it, you know who to call. :)

Summer Dinner Party Inspiration | LIG Events - Washington, DC Wedding and Event Planners

I love the look of this table because it's a very detailed set-up that still looks homespun and effortless. There are so many takeaways from this set-up: Use greenery from your yard in bottles you have around the house as a centerpiece, wrap burlap or butcher's paper around a dinner roll and place it at each setting, use those old glasses your grandmother gifted you that you never thought you'd use... Get creative and look through your cabinets -- you'll be surprised at what you'll find!

Photo via  My Domaine

Photo via My Domaine

Simple is almost always perfect -- and this white table is certainly an example of that. 
Pull out some of your candlesticks from the holidays, use a piece of white fabric as a runner, and float some beautiful Summer blooms in a bowl. Easy and beautiful -- you can't beat it!

Photo by Noa Griffel via  Tory Burch

Photo by Noa Griffel via Tory Burch

Blue and white are quintessential Summer colors and mixing patterns creates a fun and festive tabletop that looks great for a dinner party. Would I fill a ballroom with this mix of patterns? Probably not. But for a dinner that only has one or a few tables, this look really works.

For a relaxed boho-chic kind of vibe, do away with chairs and pile cushions and pillows around your table (just make sure your table is low -- not the standard 30" height). 

Don't be afraid to incorporate rich colors into your tabletop look. A dinner party affords you the excuse to go "out there" and try some new color palettes you might not normally try. 

A dinner party allows you the flexibility to mix and match more than at a traditional event. Feel free to mix up the napkins and types of glassware. An eclectic table is unique! 

Photo by Winnie Au via  Harper's Bazaar

Photo by Winnie Au via Harper's Bazaar

I love the idea of serving a family style meal for a dinner party. First, it's a fantastic way for guests to interact at the beginning of the meal. It also allows guests to relax and take their time and converse while eating -- they will always be able to grab another bit so long as the food is still on the table. And, third, the platters and bowls really fill the table and become part of the decor. 

Stay tuned for Thursday's post when I share some of my favorite dinner party recipes!