[INSPIRATION] Summer Dinner Party Menu

When you think of a good dinner party, you probably automatically think of what the meal will entail. One of the main elements of a good dinner party, if not the main one, is the food. After all, good food and good friends are a winning combination!

On Tuesday we showed you some great dinner party decor elements and today we're sharing some of my favorite dinner party recipes. All of these recipes are great for Summer -- they are light and fresh, perfect for an al fresco dinner.

Summer Dinner Party Menu Inspiration | LIG Events - Washington, DC Wedding and Event Planners

Spanish Tortilla

Photo via  Bon Appétit

Photo via Bon Appétit

My mother married a Spaniard when I was in my teens and that's when I was introduced to this delicious dish. After my mother (a fabulous cook!) mastered her tortilla-making skills, she taught me how to make them and it has stuck with me.

A Spanish tortilla is basically a potato and onion frittata. It's really quite easy to make (the flip is the most difficult part), and it's a GREAT menu item for a variety of at-home occasions. What I really love about this dish is that it can be served hot or at room temperature. I actually prefer it room temperature which is how it is served at the bars and restaurants in Spain that I've visited.  

It's a great dish to set out and let people help themselves as they like -- and it's light and fluffy but still filling. Also, it's vegetarian! And you can always make it ahead, which is an indispensable quality when you are planning and cooking your own menu! Have I given you enough reasons to make it yet?


Farro Salad with Cucumbers, Tomatoes & Basil

I discovered farro last Summer thanks to this recipe. Farro a great grain -- I can't get enough of the chewy texture and subtle nutty flavor. This salad uses simple Summer produce and is both light and refreshing. It's the perfect complement to grilled protein and great served either chilled or at room temperature.


Grilled Steak

Photo by Steve Giralt via  Food Network

Photo by Steve Giralt via Food Network

Yes, grilled steak is expected at a Summer dinner party. But sometimes there's nothing wrong with providing your guests something that's expected if it's really good. And grilled steak is really good. A classic Summer dish that you can't go wrong with -- and it's easy to prepare!


Corn & Green Bean Salad

In my opinion, you can't have a Summer meal without incorporating corn. It's one of my favorite Summer staples (although I like to eat it year-round!). This crunchy salad is a perfect representation of the season and the dressing is top-notch. It's also simple to make, which is great because who wants to slave over a hot stove all day?!


What do you think of our Summer dinner party recipe ideas? Let us know in the comments!
And remember to come back next week when we share our favorite Summer dinner party desserts.