[INSPIRATION] William Forsythe's Scattered Crowd

It's been a busy May around here! This month we traveled up and down the East Coast often as we had events in DC and NYC.  (Seriously, I went to NYC 3 times this month!)   I can't wait to go through all the photos of those events and post them here -- I promise to post recaps as soon as I'm back from my vacation!

Since I knew I'd need a bit of a break to re-energize, now I'm getting ready to go off the grid for a week on a very special vacation.  Honestly, it's a bucket list location for me, so I'm beyond excited to get on my flight and jet off.  (More info on the super secret location later...I'm hoping to come back with loads of inspiration for future parties!) 

In the meantime, here's my inspirational photo of the week.  

William Forsythe: Scattered Crowd

We can't tell you how much we love balloons.  Regular balloons, 3' round balloons, weather balloons, mylar balloons -- we love them all!  They are a wonderful and useful tool when decorating events and when used en masse they are impactful and anything but childish (which is a common misconception).  We just used 1,000 of them to fill a room for a party earlier this month and they looked amazing!

In his piece "Scattered Crowd", William Forsythe, an American dancer and choreographer explores the effects of individuals on the world around them by placing hundreds (if not thousands) of white balloons in a bare space.  The balloons move and sway depending on the viewer's movements and interactions, creating a unique and truly breathtaking installation.  

Can you imagine walking into a room like this?  Absolutely magical!

Feeling inspired?  Read more about the installation here.  And see video of one of William's installations here.

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