What To Do When You Just Get Engaged

Since it's January and a lot of people got engaged over the holidays (I'm pretty sure you saw your Facebook and Instagram feeds blow up with all of the good news...), I wanted to write about what you should do when you just get engaged from both a professional and personal point of view.

Below are 5 important steps to take when you just get engaged so you can begin your engagement on the right foot!

Photo by LuckyBusiness/iStock / Getty Images


1 - Take Time to Reflect

Your boyfriend or girlfriend just proposed, you accepted and now you're engaged! You might have been waiting for this for months, or it might have been a complete surprise.  Either way, your engagement is a big change from the status quo. You're going to create a family and new household with this person. Your engagement symbolizes a huge commitment you're making to your significant other and a big life change is coming your way. Don't take that lightly. Set some time aside to truly reflect on what your engagement means beyond "I get to spend the rest of my life with ______".  

2 - CALL Your Parents and Friends

Spread the news to those closest to you! Make sure all of the important people in your life receive a personal phone call before you post any information on social media. You don't want family members to feel left out when they see your Facebook post 2 days after the event took place. 

3 - Get Your Ring Sized and Insured

This is a super practical step that you should not forget! Imagine flicking your hand and having your brand new shiny diamond fly across the room and -- the horror -- not being found again!

Avoid this by getting your ring properly sized so you don't live in fear of constantly losing your ring. If your fiance hasn't insured the ring prior to proposing, make sure to get it insured immediately. Jewelry insurance is generally affordable and very easy to acquire. Better safe than sorry!

4 - Decide on Key Points About Your Wedding

Having a conversation with your betrothed about the basics relating to your wedding will save a lot of headaches early on. Decide on some key points about the size of the guest list, time of year and possible geographic location for the celebration, whether or not you'd like to hire a wedding planner, etc. That way you will have some general answers when the inevitable wedding planning questions start. 


You're engaged!! This is a happy and unique time. Enjoy it. 

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