[Inspiration] Escort Cards

As I promised last week, I'm back with some escort card inspiration.

Escort cards are often a place where wedding planners like myself like to create something more interesting than just the traditional card and envelope. Don't get me wrong, I love traditional escort cards and they definitely have a place at events. But for more "fun" or laid-back events it's great to get creative and re-invent the traditional escort card.

Read on to find some unique escort card ideas!

Escort Card Inspiration | LIG Events - Washington, DC Wedding and Event Planners

Don't be afraid to play around with color and materials. For a striking display at a past bat mitzvah, we created lucite "cards" that were etched with each guest's name and table assignment. 

Photo by  Judith Rae

Photo by Judith Rae

Photo by  Judith Rae

Photo by Judith Rae

For a simple yet impactful change, why not switch the shape of your escort card? These simple round cards from a past bat mitzvah where striking and fun when arranged en masse. 

You can bring in shapes from your invitation or the overall event design so your escort cards are cohesive with the rest of the event.

Photo by Bridget 

Photo by Bridget 

Sometimes escort cards also allow you to pair give a little party favor to your guests early in the evening. 
In this case, the bride loved these individual wine glass charms she found on Etsy, so they were made to designate each guests' table and attached to their escort card.

Escort Cards | LIG Events - Washington, DC Wedding and Event Planners

Sometimes a traditional escort card can just be kicked up a notch with an inventive presentation. This striking cantilevered shelf structure served as the centerpiece to the ballroom foyer and filled the space nicely while serving its purpose practically and beautifully. 

Escort Card Structure | LIG Events - Washington, DC Wedding and Event Planners

Unexpected items can often become the best escort cards! These beautiful tiles are perfect for an outdoor wedding or party with a Spanish or Moroccan feel. 

Photo by  Jessica Burke

Photo by Jessica Burke

I came across this photo and just had to share it. This is quite the inventive escort card display! 
While I think in this case aesthetics trumped practicality, doing a target escort card display might be fun for a smaller party -- not a 300 person wedding! 

Photo by  Rebekah Westover

Skeleton keys have long been popular escort card trinkets. I love them, particularly if you're celebrating in a historic mansion or other "vintage" building. 

I love these tassel escort cards for a fun, colorful celebration. How fun would they be for a circus-themed party? 

Photo by  Liz Banfield

Photo by Liz Banfield

Simple touches (like these clothespins) can really elevate your escort cards and help create a beautiful escort card display. Since this wedding was in the country, clothespins and a worn board wall seemed like the perfect way to display these escort cards.
And, yes, we purposely rusted the nails used on this escort card wall to enhance the worn, country feel. 

Escort Card Inspiration | LIG Events - Washington, DC Wedding and Event Planners

Which of these escort card ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!