[Inspiration] Laura's Favorite Flowers

Spring is allllmost here! I still can't believe it's so close -- how is this year almost a quarter of the way through?! 

Even though I can't believe the new season is around the corner, I'm grateful warmer weather and beautiful flowers are upon us. I can't wait to take daily walks on the trails behind our house and drive around DC with the windows down, enjoying the beautiful cherry blossom blooms that will be everywhere. I love seeing the seasons transition from one to another, and beautiful Spring weather (especially in DC!) can't be beat. 

In honor of the upcoming Spring season, I thought it would be fun to share some flower inspiration with you. My love affair with flowers started early in my life, but it wasn't until I started working in events that I was exposed to all sorts of different varieties. I have gained a lot of floral knowledge over the years and my list of favorite flowers just keeps on growing. So here's a list of my current favorite flowers:

Laura's Favorite Flowers | LIG Events - Washington, DC Wedding and Event Planners


Photo by Simon Garbutt, courtesy of  Wikipedia

Photo by Simon Garbutt, courtesy of Wikipedia

I find hellebores to be so pretty and interesting. They also create really beautiful, moody bouquets. They are definitely not an "expected" choice for flower arrangements, but I'll always encourage clients to be open to them. A creative florist can definitely work wonders with them and make them look even more spectacular en masse than they do alone.


Coral Charm Peonies | Laura's Favorite Flowers | LIG Events - Washington, DC Wedding and Event Planners

I can't get too far down this list without mentioning a flower that is generally every bride's favorite. It's easy to see why so many people love peonies. They have large blooms that are impressively fluffy and intricate, and they smell divine. They are the epitome of a "girly" flower. How could you not love peonies?!

Available in tons of beautiful colors and a beautiful, classic white, peonies are the most requested flower during clients' floral consultations. And I'm never surprised when they are mentioned time after time. After all, I requested peonies for my wedding too.


I love anemones because they're a very striking flower that also has a delicate shape. A perfect flower for modern weddings due to their black center, the anemone still exudes a gracefulness that is not found in other flowers that are used for modern arrangements. 

Green centered anemones are also quite gorgeous -- don't overlook those!

Garden Roses

Photo by  Valerie Rice

Photo by Valerie Rice

Garden roses are simply stunning. There's nothing else to say. 


Photo by  Botanic Art

Photo by Botanic Art

I love ranunculus. There's something about the perfectly round shape formed by all of the petals that I absolutely adore. I also love the bright green of the ranunculus stem -- it's the perfect complement to the vibrant hues the flower comes in. Which color of ranunculus is my favorite?  The tangerine-y orange makes me smile. 

Sweet Pea

Soft, frilly and delicate, sweet pea is a beautifully graceful flower that is gorgeous when gathered en masse.


Green and White Parrot Tulips Photo by  Melissa Mercier

Green and White Parrot Tulips
Photo by Melissa Mercier

Orange Parrot Tulip Photo by  Fifty Flowers

Orange Parrot Tulip
Photo by Fifty Flowers

Fringed Tulip Photo by  Patricia Land

Fringed Tulip
Photo by Patricia Land

Before I got into the event business and learned a lot about flowers, tulips were my favorite flower. They are still on my list of favorites, but they no longer get top billing (sorry tulips!). The regular varieties are beautiful, but now I really love parrot tulips and the fringed variety which are just insane. How nature makes these gorgeous things is beyond me!

Dahlias (Cafe au Lauit Dahlias to be exact)

Photo by  Hedgerow Rose

Photo by Hedgerow Rose

Dahlias are amazing flowers that are do detailed and intricate they make you wonder in amazement at nature's power. Cafe au Lait dahlias are my favorite because of their gorgeous light pink hues and the fact that their blooms are enormous. They are often referred to as "dinner plate" dahlias because the blooms are often the size of a plate! 

Passion Flower

Passion Flower | Laura's Favorite Flowers | LIG Events - Washington, DC Wedding and Event Planners

Speaking of amazing things nature crafts, passion flowers are simply incredible. They are absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking and if you manage to have a few passion flower vines trailing out of an arrangement and onto your tabletop, consider yourself lucky. They are truly stunning and a marvel to look at as you enjoy your dinner.


Purple Lisianthus | Laura's Favorite Flowers | LIG Events - Washington, DC Wedding and Event Planners

A pretty and delicate flower that is reminiscent of a rose, lisianthus comes in a bunch of my favorite colors. The ruffly effect of the flower makes it perfect to mix in with other blooms. 


Photo by  Fifty Flowers

Photo by Fifty Flowers

I love white stock because it's a flower a former boss used to use often for cocktail centerpieces and it always looked beautiful. I have learned over the years that creating those small centerpieces wasn't so easy due to stock's somewhat spikey nature, but when used properly, it's absolutely gorgeous. 

Which flower is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!