[Inspiration] Wedding Menus

Oh wedding menus.  Clients don't often think about them too much, but as a planner I can tell you I put A LOT of thought into them!  

Wedding menus are a part of your tables so it's important that they feel cohesive and in-line with the rest of your wedding decor. They often provide an opportunity to spice up a table and bring in some unique details. There's also so much flexibility with menus that you can easily make them super fancy and traditional or make them more fun and unexpected.  

One thing I must say about all menus, no matter what kind of event you are putting on, is that the menu should read easily and also be sufficiently descriptive so that guests are excited about their upcoming meal. A good menu will look beautiful, fit in with the rest of the decor, be legible, and be appetite-inducing.  

So, without further ado, below are some unexpected menus that I love that will hopefully serve to inspire you for your next celebration.  


Acrylic menus are very unexpected but can certainly add a luxurious touch to each place setting.  I love the etching and die cutting techniques Southern Fried Paper used for the menus below.  

A circular menu that fits perfectly in the well of each place setting's charger involves some extra coordination, but creates a seamless look! 

Changing the orientation of your menu text (while ensuring it's still easily legible!) is a great way to add a unique touch to your menus. And the watercolor style calligraphy below isn't bad either...

Menu by  Paperfinger .  Photo by  Les Loups .  

Menu by Paperfinger.  Photo by Les Loups.  

An illustrated menu is whimsical and fun.  Perfect for a playful couple's wedding day or a more laid-back affair.  

I love this unique menu design. While the format is perfectly functional (perfect for a wine pairing dinner), the menu is still aesthetically beautiful.  

This is an idea that has made the rounds a bit, but I love bread so I couldn't help but include it. A bread sleeve menu is a perfect way to display your dinner's cuisine for a more rustic or relaxed affair.  

Menu and photo by  Coral Pheasant .  

Menu and photo by Coral Pheasant.  

Which one of these menu ideas is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments!