Red & White Graduation Party

People always ask if we only plan weddings, and the answer is NO.  In fact, while we LOVE weddings, we also really like mixing it up and planning all sorts of different events.  I personally really like and get a kick out of planning fun kids birthdays and bar/bat mitvahs.  It allows us to let loose and have a little more fun than we might with a traditional wedding.  

In June of this year we planned an adorable preschool graduation party in the garden of the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum, a hidden gem on Manhattan's Upper East Side.  The kids' graduation was a great excuse to throw a party and get the class together before they parted ways for the summer.  While rain threatened the party the entire day and the museum staff, waiters and my staff were ready to move everything inside at a moment's notice, it did not rain a drop.  None of us could believe it, but I guess luck was on the kids' side.  

To decorate the space in a simple and kid-friendly way, we scattered beach balls and large round balloons in the school colors (red and white) throughout the garden.  Because there were only 15 kids in the class and we knew they wouldn't really sit during the event, we created one large table for communal seating that was decorated with all sorts of different school supplies.  (Making sure nothing went to waste, the school supplies were later donated to a first grade teacher who will use them next school year.)  Crayon vases holding small potted plants were dotted throughout the table and mini pennant flags that were printed with the school name as well as the class year were placed atop stacks of used books that were covered in kraft paper.  (Covering all of those books brought back lots of middle school memories!)  I also printed fake diplomas on vellum, rolling them and tying them with red and white ribbon.  

For dessert, we created a cute dessert table that featured more school supplies, fun chalkboard accents and adorable color-coordinated desserts that were provided by Olivier Cheng, the caterers for the event.  All of his passing trays were color-coordinated as well.  They always do such a good job!  

We also created a lemonade stand that served lemonade in sweet plastic mason jars with daisy cut-out lids with red and white striped paper straws.  Lawn games were also scattered around the garden ready to be discovered by the kids.  

The fabulous Heidi Green photographed the party, taking a class photo of the kids in their red caps and gowns towards the end of the event.  She then printed the photos during the remainder of the party and we quickly placed them in custom frames for the kids to take home.  We also included fun red and white candy kabobs with the frames.  Not a bad parting gift, right?  Just takes a bit of coordination and some extra hands to make it happen!    

Check out Heidi's photos from the event below: