To Have a Destination Wedding or Stay Close to Home

When you start planning your wedding it's easy to become overwhelmed by all of the options, especially when it comes to choosing a venue.

Choosing a geographic location for your wedding or celebration can be difficult and it can pose some serious challenges that you will need to talk through with your fiance. 

Destination weddings have become much more accessible and popular in recent years, making them an enticing choice for brides and grooms who want to get away to celebrate their nuptials.

If you're struggling with the decision of where to have your wedding, we've created a good old-fashioned pro and con list to give you some advice on the matter. 

Pros of a Destination Wedding

Share a Place You Love with Your Guests
Destination weddings are a great way to share your love of a certain place with all of your guests. Do you have family in Puerto Rico but live in the States?  Do you want to share parts of your culture with your guests? A destination wedding is a great excuse for people to take a trip to a new place and learn about it!

Limit Your Guest List
If you want to limit your guest list, a destination wedding is a great way to do it. You can be super specific about who is invited based on who is willing to make the trip. Also, depending on the location, a lot of guests may not be able to make the trip even if you've invited them. 
If you want to keep your list small but also don't want to offend anyone by not inviting them, a destination wedding may be a good way of keeping your numbers low. 

Make It Fun
A destination wedding is inherently fun for your guests. Guests tend to relax a bit more at destination weddings as they take advantage of the resort's facilities or take in the sights of the destination. Relaxed guests are great because 1) they will remember your wedding fondly, and 2) they have more fun during the party!
And, if you have a good wedding planner that is working behind the scenes for you, you will have nothing to worry about and can relax with your guests!

Make it Memorable
Because destination weddings are often weekend affairs that have other events than just the wedding ceremony and reception, your guests will have multiple opportunities to make memories. You can really get creative with the other events you plan during the wedding weekend and leave a wonderful and lasting impression with all of your guests. 

Cons of a Destination Wedding

Travel Issues
Although this is a problem anywhere really, if you've planned a destination wedding in the Bahamas and a hurricane is heading that way, that could really be an issue. 

Limiting Guest List
While this can be seen as a "pro" in favor of destination weddings (as we mentioned above), it can also be seen as a "con" if you want a huge wedding. If that's the case, staying close to home might be the better bet. 

Lack of Control
There is a lot of give and take that happens with destination weddings. It's hard to get five star luxury service on a remote island off the coast of Peru. The flowers you want might not be available on the island, kosher meat is not available in the country where you've chosen to celebrate, or the chairs you had your heart set on aren't anywhere close by. (These are all problems I've encountered planning destination weddings, by the way.)
Having a destination wedding while still maintaining high standards does require a certain level of compromise.
And be prepared to shell out for those extras that you want or need so badly. If Kosher meat is a non-negotiable (and it is for many people!), then we'll need to find a way to bring it into the country.

Personally, I LOVE planning destination weddings.  I love learning about new places and I welcome the challenges that are inherent with planning weddings or celebrations in a place far from home. 

But ultimately, where you choose to celebrate your wedding should be meaningful to both you and your fiance. There are endless ways to celebrate a wedding and all of them are great. Choose the one that is right for you.

What's your opinion on destination weddings? Let us know in the comments!