Why "Day-Of" Wedding Planning is a Myth

I often get emails requesting "day-of" wedding planning assistance. I often overhear conversations in which someone states that they'd like to hire someone for the "day-of" their wedding. I often see planners offer "day-of" wedding planning services. 

Well, let me clearly state that this terminology is flat-out wrong. 

Why Day-Of Wedding Planning is a Myth | LIG Events - Washington, DC Wedding and Event Planners

Day-of wedding planning does not exist. I don't know any wedding planners that swoop in for just one day, clocking in at the beginning of your event's set-up and clocking out once all of your gifts are packed in your car or hotel room. It's impossible to do that and do a good job at your wedding. And for Type A people (the type of people planners usually are), this scenario is not only an impossibility, but also a nightmare!

Part of what allows me to do a good job for my clients is getting to know them and their families. Personalities play a huge part of a wedding day and I like to have as much insight as possible in advance of the actual wedding day. It allows me to make split-second decisions and anticipate your needs much more easily. 

It's also impossible to come in for just the day-of and be expected to run the show without encountering a bevy of problems. No matter how many weddings and events you may have planned, having a second or third set of eyes on all of your plans helps tremendously. It also helps enormously to have a professional look over your plans and highlight any trouble spots. I'm used to all of the common problems that arise -- I know how to spot them and solve them easily. 

My event schedules are an average of 4-7 pages long. They are specific and detailed and contain every possible bit of information that might be necessary. Unless you're going to hand me a similar document and double check everything with all of your vendors the week of your wedding, don't hire me for the day and expect me to be able to do a great job. It's just not possible. You're essentially setting someone up for failure.

That's me setting out escort cards for an event back in 2011! 

That's me setting out escort cards for an event back in 2011! 

All of these reasons are why I have never and will never accept day-of wedding planning clients. My minimum engagement is for month-of planning because that month prior to your wedding is necessary for us to get to know each other, for me to review your contracts, create that crazy detailed schedule I mentioned, and touch base with all of your vendors. 

I want your event to be a success as much as you do. So I'd like to take the necessary time to prepare for it. It's as simple as that.

If you're looking for a planner (for month-of or full service planning), please contact us.