[FEATURED] Brides.com + Minimalist Weddings

A few weeks ago, a writer from BRIDES.com asked us for our opinion on minimalist wedding decor and we happily responded with some of our thoughts. 

Minimalist Wedding Decor | LIG Events - Wedding Planners in Washington, DC

While minimalist weddings are not what one thinks of when they think of a traditional wedding, they are still beautiful and can be quite striking. They are a perfect for a modern couple who prefers a more clean-lined and sparse aesthetic.

The term "minimalism" actually refers to an art trend that arose in the 1950s that focused on simple design elements. Artists like Yves Klein, Donald Judd, and one of my favorites, Frank Stella. As Wikipedia points out, the term "minimalist" refers to anything that is stripped or pared-down of it's essentials.  

But just because you gravitate towards a simpler look doesn't mean that you need to eliminate all of the elements that make up a traditional wedding. Check out what we had to say on this topic over on Brides.com.

Also, in case you're wondering what the scenario I described in the article looks like, here are a few pictures from a past minimalist wedding:

Minimalist Wedding | LIG Events - Wedding Planners in Washington, DC
Minimalist Wedding | LIG Events - Wedding Planners in Washington, DC
Minimalist Wedding | LIG Events - Wedding Planners in Washington, DC
Minimalist Wedding | LIG Events - Wedding Planners in Washington, DC
Minimalist Wedding | LIG Events - Wedding Planners in Washington, DC



[Trending] "Glamping" Weddings

Today we are beginning a series on what's trending in weddings these days.
Side note: I don't know if I can actually call it a series as I'll just blog about these when I notice them, but eventually it'll look like a series, so that's what I'm calling it for now.  

Today's topic: Glamping Weddings

I've noticed that this type of wedding has become popular recently with celebrity couples like Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher and Guy Ritchie (Madonna's ex) & Jacqui Ainsley.  This trend has, not surprisingly, been a little slow to take off.  Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves held this type of wedding a few years ago, but it hasn't been until recently that it's gained in popularity.  

So, let's start with the basics...

What is "Glamping"?

"Glamping" is a term that was coined to describe glamorous camping.  It's a way to go camping without forgoing the comforts of home you can't live without.  Instead of pitching a tent and sleeping in a sleeping bag as is customary with regular camping, glamping can involve a luxurious tent with a cot and perhaps even a campfire chef to cook your meals and organize your late night s'mores.  

Think about what Abercrombie & Kent did to transform the African safari experience...that's basically what glamping is.  

A glamping tent by UK-based  Pop-Up Hotel .  

A glamping tent by UK-based Pop-Up Hotel.  


So how does "glamping" translate to a wedding?

If you and your partner love the outdoors and like to go camping, the idea of glamping can easily translate to a fun wedding weekend celebration.  Imagine setting up a luxurious tent "city" for your guests to camp in all weekend.  Staff would be on hand to cook all meals and you can organize fun activities for them to do during down-time.  Your wedding celebration can extend into the full weekend.  It's a great and unique type of destination wedding!

While the idea may be a little far-fetched for some guests who are not too enthused about the outdoors and camping in general, the luxury component makes it a little more palatable. Those guests are more apt to be at least a little more open-minded to luxury camping than regular camping.  

Imagine all of your guests waking up to this beautiful landscape...  Photo by  Yellowstone Under Canvas

Imagine all of your guests waking up to this beautiful landscape... 
Photo by Yellowstone Under Canvas

Is a Glamping Wedding a Good Idea?

If you really love the outdoors and your guests are generally fun and go-with-the-flow kind of people, a glamping wedding could be an awesome idea.  

Would I recommend doing this type of wedding if you're going to get married by a Supreme Court Justice and have 4 members of Congress in attendance?  Probably not.  

That being said, a glamping wedding is a great way to get all of the people you want to celebrate with in one area where everyone is easily accessible to celebrate with all weekend.  You can easily reconnect with old friends by visiting their tent, play a board game with Aunt Edna by the campfire, etc.  That's something you don't always get with a  traditional destination wedding at a resort.  

However, there are inevitable challenges that exist with a glamping wedding.  The weather can seriously complicate things since guests will have to deal with the weather all weekend... no one wants to walk through muddy fields every day, and especially not in their wedding clothes.  

You also need to be sure you've built in a sufficient amount of infrastructure for you and your guests.  Generators are the first things that come to mind -- they are absolutely essential in a situation such as this.  

However, if you have someone by your side that can undertake the particulars for you (that's why you hire a wedding planner!) and you can somehow avoid rainy areas/seasons, you will surely have a memorable celebration.   

As a wedding planner, when I first thought about writing about this topic my brain started firing off tons of ideas.  Infrastructure elements aside, there are a ton of things that can be done to enhance your guests' experience and really make the weekend amazing.  Custom sweatshirts for everyone in case they get cold at night?  A beautiful picnic lunch in a field before the wedding gets underway later in the day?  Fun outdoors activities like horseback riding, hiking, fly fishing, etc.?  The requisite s'mores by the campfire?  All of these sound good to me! 

I always think it's important to strive to impress and delight our clients and guests and there are many ways to achieve that with this type of wedding.  While a glamping wedding is a very unique idea that is somewhat non-traditional, it could be a great option for you if you love the outdoors and are willing to take some risks.  Your guests will certainly be impressed and delighted and will surely have an unforgettable weekend!